The Clear Factor Becomes Top-Rated Washing Service Provider in Worcester, MA

September 23, 2022

The Clear Factor offers an array of power washing and house cleaning services in the region of Worcester, MA

Great to work with. They were very responsive, thorough during the quote process, had the best price, and did a great job. Looks great, and I'd hire them again.”
— Karen Player
SUTTON, MA, UNITED STATES, September 23, 2022 / -- Today, the average homeowner is looking for ways to cut back on expenses and save money in any way they can. One area where this is possible is by purchasing home cleaning services. The truth is that most people don't need to clean their homes themselves because there are professionals who do it better and faster at a fraction of the cost. One such service offered by many companies today is power washing which can make a home look as good as new. Power washing is a great way to remove dirt, grime, and stains from the exterior of a property. However, a proper house wash requires knowledge and technical know-how. As a result, many Worcester residents hire a top-rate power washing company like The Clear Factor, offering safe & effective house washing services to keep homes in pristine condition.

Power washers are often industrial-strength machines that use a significant amount of water mixed with a cleaning agent at pressures ranging from 2200 psi (pound per square inch) to 4500 psi. Applying this much force to a surface means cleaning is unnecessary; the dirt and grime will be pushed off without scratching or otherwise damaging the surface. In addition, a professional power washing service, The Clear Factor, can help protect and extend the life span of a home's exterior surfaces so they stay looking their best for as long as possible.

"Great to work with. They were very responsive, thorough during the quote process, had the best price, and did a great job. (They) did the whole house and the deck in a very careful manner, we watched him work. Looks great, and I'd hire them again." - Karen Player

Over time, surfaces – such as roofs – can become grimy and dirty due to the effects of the elements like rain and wind. While these factors are out of anybody's control, investing in a professional power washing service ensures the property receives an effective cleaning. Proficient house washing companies like The Clear Factor regularly invest in new equipment to keep their workers efficient and their customers happy. As a result, they have access to the right equipment and know-how to remove grease, grime, and moss without completely blasting away roof tiles. In addition, their skilled technicians understand how to use the equipment; they are highly trained in how to wash without causing damage to wood siding, decks, and other surfaces.

About The Clear Factor

The company began as a small window cleaning service and has since grown into an all-inclusive exterior cleaning business. Their services now span gutter maintenance (cleaning & repair) and installation, pressure washing (concrete, decks, etc.), house cleaning, roof cleaning, and other commercial services. They also offer add-on services, such as dryer vent cleaning and high dusting. At The Clear Factor, the main priority is giving the customers a great experience. The staff attempt to make the process as easy as possible for the clients. They understand people are busy and don't have much time to invest in making appointments and trying to work out details; therefore, they take that off of homeowners' hands. They walk clients through the process and try to work around their schedule so they can take care of business pain-free.

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